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Online slots, also known as virtual slots or internet slots, are the online versions of traditional slot machines. Players enjoy online slots over the internet on a computer or mobile phone. At Free Slots Mania, we help internet gamblers across the Great White North find the best online Slots for real money. This means that American gamblers can play their favorite online Slots, like Bar Bar Black Sheep, Jungle Jim El Dorado, Tarzan, Hot as Hades, and much more for real money American Dollars. United States gamblers will find a carefully reviewed and ranked selection of the best online casinos and recommended American gambling sites with the best online Slots on Casinos Online USA.

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Online Casinos USA 2024

Slots are a popular pass time amidst gamblers worldwide, not only a favourite among the American gambling circles. These games, also known as pokies, puggies, fruit machines and one armed bandits in other countries, are an online video game based on the land-based slot machines that gamblers play in casinos across the globe. In 2024, there are thousands of popular online slot titles to choose from and play, and a plethora of gaming providers supplying online casinos with thrilling video slots for their players to make use of, bet max on and win great prizes. Be sure to read on below for a sneak peek at what is awaiting you at US Casinos, what you can expect from the various types of slots on the web to play and enjoy, and what players are winning.

How Casinos Online USA Reviews Online Slot Games 2024

American Casinos has a stringent way of vetting the various online slots games we review. In order for our readers to get the best information possible, we make sure our reviews as easy as possible for all to understand.

We only feature or shortlist the top ranked online Slots that meet our criteria of what a top rated game is and that have scored highly in our audit. This means players will always have the most amazing experience playing at one of the approved Slots at Free Slots Mania.

The following is how we sort the good from the bad in terms of real money online casinos.

How do they play?

Our team will not write or recommend an article on any casino game unless we have actually played it for ourselves. Therefore you know that the review is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Because we actually play through the slot on offer and take a deep dive into the setup of the game, we are able to make an educated judgment on how the game plays. Whether gameplay is smooth, whether the sound effects are sufficient and overall how enjoyable the slot is as a whole.

What do online slots games have to offer?

This is a critical part of our expert review process. The team will take a look at what bonus features the online slot has to offer when they play. Does the slot have a unique bonus round to play? Does the game feature a progressive jackpot? These are all questions gamblers would like to know the answers to.

What symbols should one look out for in online slots games?

This is another factor affiliate sites often tend to overlook. Not all slot machines offer clear indications to what their unique symbols may be (i.e. having the words wild, scatter or bonus written beneath them). This is why American Casinos highlights which slots you should look out for and how they will appear when you are winning.

General info on all online slots

On top of the more in depth information you will find in our slot reviews, American Casinos also looks out for general information like the minimum value of coins in the game, how many reels it is comprised of, the value of the jackpot (if it is a static jackpot) and more.

History of Slot Machines

Slot machines have been around for a considerably short period considering certain other casino games have been in existence for millennia.  The slot machine’s predecessor was a five barrel poker machine developed in 1891 by a company called Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn New York. The machine held a total of fifty various playing cards and the aim was to spin and have the reels land on various poker hands. You would win prizes according to the strength of the hand, but these would not be monetary winnings. Players usually won beers, cigars, or whatever was available at the ar.

The first ever actual slot machine to be produced was a nifty three reel fruit machine named Liberty Bell. This was created by an American gentleman by the name of Charles Fey in 1895. The Liberty Bell was the first machine which was capable of automatic prize payments.

Remaining pretty stagnant in development from the year of inception all the way through to the 60’s, the next big move in the slot machine industry happened in 1963. This marked the year that gaming developer, Bally, released the first completely electronic slot machine to play called Money Honey. The birth of Money Honey marked the departure of the one-armed bandit lever making it obsolete.

The Next Step in Slot Technology

The next big move in the world of slot machines occurred in 1976 when the Californian company Kearney Mesa released the first video slot machine. After rigorous testing for fairness, the machines were produced and released to the public. These quickly gained favour in the 80’s in Nevada. In ’78, Kearney Mesa were bought out by a gambling company named International Gaming Technology – or IGT – who are still a huge player in the online casino software market today.

The next big move in the slot machine world was when the game moved from the physical world into cyberspace. The first online slot machines began to surface in 1994 at the hands of gaming giants, Microgaming. From there on, the world of online gambling rapidly began to grow, bringing us to today with thousands of choices to spin at our finger tips.

Today, online slots are the most popular casino game in USA. All players require is internet access and a stable internet connection to play.

Talk of the next step for slot machines is the breach into virtual reality slots. We at US Casinos truly cannot wait for this to become a reality and wait with bated breath to play what is sure to be some entertaining VR slots.

Online Slots Machines Types

In today’s age, there are a ton of different online and mobile slots available for American players to enjoy. With the growth of (and demand for) technology, you can now find almost all online slots offering mobile compatible versions to play. However, this is not necessarily a class of a slot game. Therefore, we will take a look at a few versions of slot games available to play today.

Three Reel Slots

These are the original format slot machines. Reels refer to the turning drums or wheels which appear in the slot game. The three reel machine is incredibly simplistic in nature, thus making it the lesser found slot in the online world. Gamblers have grown accustomed to the flashy graphics and complexity of the five reel game, however, there are still a few three reel favourites out there. Modern three reel slot games include:

  • The Original Bar Bar Black Sheep game from Microgaming
  • Triple Diamond produced by IGT
  • Jackpot Jester which is brought to you by NextGen Gaming

Five Reel Slots

Five reel slots are the staple in today’s casino world – both online and off. Five reel slots breed more complexity for players to play and enjoy. Five reels also offer players enticing mini-games, or bonus round games, which will boost their winning potential. These include:

  • Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt
  • Jurassic Park from Microgaming
  • Cleopatra from IGT

Static Jackpot Slots America

A static jackpot slot, also known as a straight slot or flat-top slot, is an online slot game whose jackpot holds a fixed amount. This means that no matter what, if you play and hit the jackpot, you will indefinitely be paid out the predetermined sum of coins. Your game time or play time at the slot will not affect the jackpot in anyway. Common static slot games include the following titles:

  • Starburst – NetEnt
  • Avalon II – Microgaming
  • Spiñata Grande – NetEnt

Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

Progressive jackpots are the most coveted of all casino winnings. This game has a jackpot which will only cease from growing when it is won. A progressive jackpot slot game is a favourite choice amidst United States players, as it offers you the biggest winnings in the online casino world. There is a ton of online progressive jackpot slots for American gamblers to play available and some of the top payout titles include:

  • Mega Moolah – this progressive slot is known to reach monumental jackpot heights and is brought to you by none other than Microgaming
  • Mega Fortune – this online slot shows nothing but the highlife with limousines, yachts and cognac appearing as some of the symbols. This progressive slot is brought to you by NetEntertainment
  • Funky Fruits – this whimsical comic looking slot is made by Real Time Gaming and has a lot of sweet winnings for players to win

Online Slot Games Buttons

Online slot machines and video slots can be a bit daunting to play at first. There are a ton of buttons available for you to make use of when you play the games, so be sure you understand what you are pressing beforehand by reading through American Casino’s Slot Game Button Guide below:

This does not remove a payline. This button allows you to bet exactly the same bet as you previously made on the game in your last spin. You can press this and let the wheels start spinning immediately at the start of a round.

Type of Online Slot Button

Function of Online Slots Button

Lines The payline button allows you to format the payline available in play during each spin. You can either reset your choice of payline or activate an additional payline to include in your next spin.
+ or – When you play and enter into an automatic spin mode, the plus or minus buttons allow you to either increase or decrease the amount of automatic spins scheduled to take place on your behalf.
Max Bet The max bet button is pretty self-explanatory. By pressing this button, players commit to the max bet being on offer. This is the max payline and credit bet
Collect The collect button is synonymous with the function of cashing out. When selecting collect, you are choosing to payout from the machine, collecting your winnings.
Spin The spin button is pushed when you wish to begin your game. This button makes the reels of the slot start spinning.
Stop The stop button is there for you to select should you wish for the reels to stop spinning immediately.
Bet Levels This button will multiply the pre-selected value of your  Gamble coins within the spin. This is basically a repeat bet function.


Online Slots Terminology United States


Action refers to the total amount of time you have spent playing online slots

Bet one

This is a practice in which the player will only wager one credit per spin


This is the collective noun for a group of slot machines in a land-based casino

Fixed Value Slot Machines

A fixed value slot refers to a type of slot machine games whose values cannot be altered – i.e. there is one coin size available and a set amount of coins allowed per spin


To fund means to deposit money into your online casino account top enable you to play and start spinning immediately


Blank spaces found on slot machines. Not usually seen in each spin


The highest value prize a player can win within the online slots games or video slot.

Loose Slots

A loose machine is a slot game that some players swear pay out prizes more frequently than other slots. Also known as hot slots. They do not have an extra payline, but players say they to pay out more regularly.


Multipliers are a certain type of bonus feature found in slot machines that when active, will multiply your winnings by a certain amount after spinning.


A Scatter is a typical type of symbol found in an online – and land-based – slot which is put there to unlock bonus features. This is different to a wild symbol. Players activate it on any payline and during any spin.


A wild symbol is the joker card of the slot world, standing in to complete winning combinations. It can substitute for any symbol during a spin, apart from the bonus or scatter symbols found in a slot. A wild symbol is definitely one to want.

Slot Machine facts

  • Slot machines are also known as fruit machines and incorporate pieces of fruit as symbols because, in their formative years, fruit gum sweets were used as a form of winnings to avoid laws against gambling in certain states of the US. These became an international for casino games standard and spread on a global basis.
  • Slots and video slots are known as pokies in Australia because the two common types of gambling machines found in bars were video poker machines and slots. As such, the term pokie was developed from poker and stuck as a national term across Australia (spreading to New Zealand as well) for what the rest of the world knows as slot machines.
  • The biggest slot machine ever made was a land based machine called Super Big Bertha produced in the 50’s. Big Bertha consisted of four reels and stood 2.5m high. The slot was 2m long and by today’s standards, would cost around CA$1.2 million to produce. It was a highly entertaining and exciting piece of machinery and made each spin thrilling
  • Neither the gambler nor casino can alter the final outcome of a spin in any online slots game or video slot. No matter how vigorously you press the stop button, the Random Number Generator in the slot machine has predetermined the outcome of your spin from the first initial turn of the reels, so there is no way to alter the spin.
  • No player or casino has ever proven loose slots as fact – both online and off. Rumors of their existence still persist nonetheless.